Capital: Wellington

Total Area:
103,737.93 sq mi / 268,680.00 sq km(about the size of Colorado)

Population: 3,819,762 (July 2000 est.)

Estimated Population in 2050: 4,842,397

Languages: English (official), Maori

Literacy: 99% total, N/A% male, N/A% female (1980 est.)

Religions: Anglican 24%, Presbyterian 18%, Roman Catholic 15%, Methodist 5%, Baptist 2%, other Protestant 3%, unspecified or none 33% (1986)

Life Expectancy: 74.85 male, 80.93 female (2000 est.)
Government Type: parliamentary democracy

Currency: 1 New Zealand dollar (NZ$) = 100 cents

Industry: food processing, wood and paper products, textiles, machinery, transportation equipment, banking and insurance, tourism, mining

Agriculture: wheat, barley, potatoes, pulses, fruits, vegetables; wool, beef, dairy products; fish

Arable Land: 9%

Natural Resources: natural gas, iron ore, sand, coal, timber, hydropower, gold, limestone











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